School Supplies


Please do not buy school supplies for your child. To save time and money for parents, it was decided at the last PAC meeting the school would order this year’s school supplies. The PAC has also agreed to pay for the agenda/planners and school supplies. Thank you!

The only three items needed the first week are:

  • inside shoes that could be worn outside in an emergency
  • stereo/computer headphones labeled in a Ziplock bag (The school has some extra sets, if needed.)
  • spare change of clothing (including undergarments) labeled in a large Ziplock bag

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, we ask that each family provide a personal emergency care kit. Please send this to school by ASAP.

Personal Emergency Care Kit *Please label bag with your child’s name.

Large Ziplock bag filled with:

  • one pair of extra socks
  • one package of gum
  • one granola bar (snack bar)
  • two 500ml of bottled water (expiry after June 2016)
  • small cuddly
  • family picture
  • book or deck of cards
  • comfort letter from parents
  • any other item you would like to include that would be comforting for your child

* Both the Emergency Care Kit Ziplock and the Spare Change of Clothing Ziplock will be returned at the end of the school year.


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